We are the digital marketing company, helping take SMEs to the next level. 


Social Media Management.


Getting the most out of your socials.

1. Total flexibility.

We have options for companies of all shapes, sizes, budgets and aspirations.

The variables include frequency of posting, the level of research we undertake, and the depth of content we create.

2. Find your following.

Our social media management experts come armed with well researched and proven processes that will grow your social following and drive engagement.

We will sit down and discuss the target audience you would love to reach, and how we will do just that. 

3. Perfect your perception.

Social media is now the optimum way to extend your brand presence and create your own voice, and social profiles are now synonymous with the companies who run them.

As self proclaimed social media nerds we are well versed in adapting tone and content to create strong online identities for our clients, that match up perfectly with their brand.


There are a few reasons you might want to consider our Social Media Management services.

A) You don’t know how to make it work.

B) You don’t have the time.

C) You can’t be bothered.


That’s where we come in.


1) We know how to make it work.

(We gaurantee to increase your reach substantially)

2) We have loads of time.

(And resources, and knowledge and software)

C) We can be bothered.

(It’s kind of what we do)


Content rich organic posts (including custom graphics).

We’ll research the relevant statistics, trends & facts for each post relevant to your business, and plan so your content will flow. We’ll create intriguing branded content & schedule at times that will maximise post reach.

Monthly video content.

We’ll research content ideas appropriate for your target audience & suitable for video format. We’ll plan and prep for filming before coming on site to film the content. Then we’ll edit the content we filmed into an engaging and accessible video.

Full social media audit.

We’ll conduct an initial in-depth research report into social media trends in your niche, what content other businesses in your field are putting out and on which platforms. We’ll provide a breakdown of your competitors social media output and their following across all platforms.

Monthly social media report.

We’ll research & format a monthly progress report on all social analytics across your platforms (views, followers, interaction). We’ll provide you a comparison on last months analytics to help track your engagement progress.

Competitor monitoring.

As part of your monthly social media report, we will deep dive into your competitor’s behaviour on social media, and see how you measure up. If competitors are outperforming you we will outline exactly why, and how we can change this for next month.

Custom social media graphics.

We’ll design custom cover image graphics for your company social profiles, your staff can use these on LinkedIn, and social icons optimised for your social profiles. these can be updated for events.


The proof is in the pudding.

Daniel Alexander Motor Group

Website Design

Reach Recruitment

Social Media Management

Reach Recruitment

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Benjamin Davis-Rice.

Since Bloom began managing our social media output, we have seen a significant rise in both following and engagement. The Bloom team are always responsive to our needs and turn around jobs ads rapidly which is vital for our business.

The social media provided also played an integral role in our recent rebrand which really helped boost our brand presence.”

Managing Director – Reach Recruitment


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